International Program

In September, 2017 Dixi school introduced its international primary group for students 6-7 years old. The group follow the International Primary Curriculum in «Inquiry method» format that prepares children for IGCSE and IB level exams. The program is taught exclusively in English. Additionally, we offer a bi-lingual program that prepares for Ukrainian Attestat and also follows international curriculum. New school is in Pchilky steet, 5 (Poznyaki district)

About the school Dixi school is a small coeducational democratic private school in Kiev, founded in 2010. We have 5 campuses in Kiev. Additional information on our school.

Curriculum The group works with International Primary Curriculum (Edexcel syllabus, details). Children study three main subjects: English (reading, communicating and writing), math and science.  There is around 4 hours of studies every day. Additionally, Ukraininan curriculum for those who need to pass Ukrainian exams is taught for 1 hour per day.

Support in English For non-English speaking children we provide additional English classes 5 times a week

Additional activities
After lunch we provide a large variety of activities. Everyday there’s an art class, where children create different hand-made thing,s work with clay, draw etc. Among other activities: music and piano lessons, sports, yoga, capoeira, logic, chess, table games. As a rule, twice a day children play outside. Also, there’s free time for kids where they can play their own games together.

Field trips
Every two weeks we go on field trips to factories, theatres, museums and other interesting places in Kiev. Also, we organise games for our students in parks and malls which deal with real-life situations.

School hours
Classes last from 10.00 till 16.00. From 16 till 17 we have different extracurricular activities and additional English classes. School is opened from 9.00 till 19.00

Students work in a group with one native speaker.

Group size and age
The group size  is up to 12 students. Age of students: 6 to 9 y.o. (In 2018 we have 1st and 2d grade, and in 2019 we will have also 3d grade)

3 meals per day are provided (at approximately 11.00, 13.30 and 16.30). We use the services of the catering company «Fresh Foods»

School management and Ukrainian stuff
Please see our Team page


In order to enroll we require an interview with a student and his parents. The aim of the interview is to discuss individual learning goals and the philosophy of the learning process..

Annual fee in 2019-2019 is UAH 99000 (addictional cost of the meals is UAH 90 per day). September-May — curriculum studies, June-July — summer camp, August — vacations. Registration fee is UAH 11000.



3 комментария на «International Program»

  1. Лилия говорит:

    Добрый день! Хотим заполнить форму для поступления в вашу школу. Вопрос в том что мы с папой не живем можно ли пропустить эти пункты для заполнения?Спасибо.

  2. Question and our reply of one of the questions from a parent of perspective student.

    «I saw your advertisement in the Kyiv Post. After looking on your site, I am concerned that you have VERY few English speaking students, though your curriculum is taught in English. Also, I understand that you mix ages in your classrooms.
    1) Will the 10-year old class be the oldest students in your Lva Tolstogo school?
    2.) WHERE exactly (address) will the school be?
    3.) Do the teachers actually teach any subjects or do the children do independent study for the entire class-three hours of academic time? Are the teachers mostly there to guide the children in their readings of study materials?»

    «Dear Amy, thank you for your questions.
    1. We start of the international program is scheduled on September, so at the moment we neither have ANY English-speaking student nor a teacher. We are still in the preparation process and working only with Ukrainian program this year. At the moment we have 4 students of 8 and 3 of them are bilingual.
    2. Yes, we mix ages in the classroom
    3. The exact address is unknown at the moment as we are going to rent the place for the school in July-August. We plan for it to be between Lva Tolstogo underground station and Botanical garden (5-10 minutes walk). We’ll post address updates to everybody interested in the school.
    4. About the educational process: 50% of the time students work independently and teacher works individually with each students (we plan a ratio of 8 students to 1 teacher). The other 50% of the time is group work. Then those who have to pass Ukraininan program continue with Ukrainian curriculum and those who don’t work with other things.»

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