Dixi: first Ukrainian democratic school

Education 2.0

Dixi has been opened in Kiev, Ukraine in September, 2010 for a small but diverse group of 12 kids 4-16 years old.
The principles upon which the school is based are as follows:
1. Democratic governance The school follows the rules that are made at the School Meeting. Every member of the school regardless of age have equal voting rights at the meeting.
2. Mixed age groups. Students of different age are merged in one group so that older students could help younger ones.
3. Maximum emphasis is on the project- and product-oriented activities. The learning should take place in real-life environment and the results of the kids must mean something to them.
4. No grades and no home tasks in Ukrainian program. As many pointed out, grading system does not add to children development but seriously aggravates their psychological well-being. So we don’t utilize one except for the annual exams. We assess students’ results based on whether their job is done or not.

The state diploma is also available as the students of the school are enrolled in state extern school which can grant the state approved diplomas to its students.

As the school ideas work out quite well, we establish similar educational institutions for 15-20 kids in different parts of Kiev. In 2020 we have three branches. This “small school” project corresponds well to the ideas of Paul Goodman and other educational gurus who actively promoted the idea of a small school actively participating in community life.

Contact us: +38.067.409.86.90 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp) park@parkschool.com.ua